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The Norham Sagas

Thomas, son of “The Gatekeeper”, Robert of Norham is detested by his oldest brother, also Robert. One particularly nasty incident, when Robert falls foul of Thomas’s unusual talent, does nothing to lessen his animosity and leaves Thomas with no choice but to leave the castle, his home.

Taking the opportunity to help in the civil war against the Welsh, which is being waged by the Princes Llewelyn and Daffydd against King Edward I, Thomas and his elder brother, John, lead a mercenary war-band from County Durham to the Welsh Borders. Using the experience gained whilst being squire to his great-uncle and namesake, a renowned Templar knight, he trains them to be fighting men. The war-band proves itself to be a force to be reckoned with and its leader shows himself to be shrewd, resourceful and a useful pawn for his King.

He also meets one Gwyneth ap Iornwhenn when she is suspected of spying for the Welsh, but after he is able to help her recover her late husband’s estate, they become close.


A Life Well-Lived

This book does not – as Fan herself would put it – pretend to be ‘just another history book’.

Rather, it is the story of an extraordinary life of a truly remarkable woman. The ‘history’ is merely the backcloth to put her life into its context.

Fan is full of grace, stoicism, style and an impish sense of fun, all of which have enabled her to overcome personal tragedies that would have destroyed a lesser personality. Her story reminds us of the characteristics of the English, which brought us safely through two world wars. It should make us pround of our past, and confident in our future.


Story of a Sri Lankan Learner

Born and brought up a Buddhist in rural Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, K.W. Ranatunga had the benefit of a good education and support of his teachers throughout his formative years, from the village school, through the secondary school to the University of Ceylon. Winning a scholarship, he then proceeded to travel to Bristol University in the UK in 1966 for postgraduate studies and returned as a married man to begin his career as a University Academic in Colombo. However, within five years and with support from his postgraduate supervisor, he returned to Bristol University and worked in the Physiology Department, and also raised a family.

Now retired and still living in Bristol, he has decided to write this account of his journey and the trials he faced as well as the successes he ultimately achieved.



Catching the Light

Il Centro d’arte, set in the beautiful Tuscan landscape, is open for the first painting course of the season and proprietor Patrick Forster welcomes the disparate group who are its first students. Among them is Rose Pazzi, who the year before married Alfredo (Dodo) Pazzi, the scion of the local gentry, only to be widowed soon after when he was murdered.
Now she is back, but why? Dodo’s mother never seemed to accept her, an outsider marrying her son, and Rose herself seems so fragile. And who were the mysterious couple who tried to abduct her when she arrived at the airport?
Why is student Isolda Seagram buying artwork to pass off as her own, and who is Toni Vasari, the young man who has a room full of fine paintings in his home?
Who really killed Dodo?
In this book, Anna Fox weaves her tale of intrigue in the art world and leaves the reader wanting more.



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