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Arthur Archer and the Time Traveller's Chronicles

‘Trees do not have pulses,’ he said to himself sternly … he pulled a handful of the mistletoe out of the way and there, to his utter amazement, he saw a door. Arthur is a seemingly ordinary teenager with a seemingly ordinary life until he stumbles across a strange and mysterious tree in the grounds of his new home at Rose Cottage. Unable to contain his curiosity, he investigates and ultimately changes his life and perhaps the past forever. For Arthur has discovered a time portal and finds himself transported back to the year 1643 during the English Civil War. His only hope is his sister, Emily, who discovers the secret of the time portal and who must find and warn her brother that unless the two of them return home within twenty-four hours then they will both be trapped in the past. But can the two of them find their way home during one of England’s most bloody and grotesque periods? Or will Emily and Arthur have to spend the rest of their lives in a world where witch-hunts, battles, beheadings and the Black Death are commonplace?
Author: Ben Molyneux
Publication Date: 2nd August 2010
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-757-1
Price: £11.99


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