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Gone is My Life

Michael’s life unfolds as he lies about his age to enlist in the British Army in 1944. He is ordered to join an American task force led by a heroic, whisky drinking, cigar–smoking, flamboyant American Major. Together, they find love with two beautiful German aristocratic sisters; one a slender red-haired arrogant and defiant panzer tank commander, the other a warm, kind-hearted, lonely wife of a rich Bavarian Count, who is missing in action on the Russian front.

But when the sisters’ mother is murdered, and they join forces to seek revenge, they discover clues to a secret code, hidden in one of the Nazi’s looted objects d’art. Can they decipher the code to gain access to the Nazi’s hidden fortune of 400 million dollars or will it lead them to an imaginable end?

Based on real-life experiences, Gone is My Life is an intriguing, fast-paced adventure story. Awash with characters – some historical, others imaginary – they come to life in a blaze of colourful action, as does the romance of a past era, now gone.


About the Author

Michael Collins was born in West Ham, and is a retired Project Development Executive for Unilever Plc, London. He previously held various positions in Nigeria, Rhodesia, Kenya, and on the Islands of Mauritius and Antigua. Prior to this he held ranks and commands in the British Army and British Colonial Police Forces, serving in Malay, Palestine and Germany. He is married with one daughter.


Author: Michael James Collins
Publication Date: 27th September 2013
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-804-2
Price: £11.95


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