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Write a Self-Help Book Fast!

Learn essential skills for writing great self-help and how-to books FAST!


If you were engaging the services of a professional, most would prefer to work

with the one who literally wrote the book on the subject, demonstrating their expertise. Following a simple but effective process, you will stand out in a competitive market and write a high-quality book by understanding how to:


  • Structure you work and write in clear, concise language
  • Create compelling, catchy title and headings
  • Maximise learning and information retention
  • Adapt your writing to the different learning styles
  • Use stories and examples to increase understanding


People want solutions to their problems, to achieve results and to move forwards in life. Discover how to share your knowledge on any topic by writing a self-help book that is well-written, informative and unique so you can:


  • Become a thought leader and an expert in your niche
  • Write a self-improvement book that will transform lives for generations to come
  • Make a real contribution to society
  • Achieve recognition for your abilities on a broader scale



Build your business and your reputation as an authority figure in your field – someone who doesn’t just understand the industry but leads it.

Author: Rebecca Richmond & Claire Pickering
Publication Date: 5th August 2016
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-91014-111-3
Price: £12.00


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