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Anthony Trollope remains one of English literature’s favourite authors, writing novels, short stories, biographies and travelogues. Many of his works have

been televised.

Pamela Marshall Barrell has been a devotee since the 1970s, rereading both his own books and books about him and visiting and painting the many places associated with him. 

Using his own work as well as other sources, contemporary letters and quotations, she has sought to find out why it seemed that when he began his Autobiography, he dwelt solely on the dubious times. She hopes to show that in later life, he had begun to appreciate some of the difficulties his parents faced.

It remains a labour of love for Pamela, who hopes to show others how Anthony Trollope’s life experiences inspired many of his plots, locations and characters. Several years of study, research and painting have resulted in the completion of

this pictorial biography, tracing Trollope’s travels and family life, and providing insights into places he saw for himself and some he imagined. 


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