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Subsidy Publishing

This option combines the professionalism and skill set of the trade publisher alongside the financial commitment of self-publishing. It also bypasses the possible lack of interest from trade publishers and enables the author to avoid the wide range of tasks involved in self-publishing. Tasks such as administration, promotion, public relations, wholesale, website/Internet listings, shop information, retail and mail-order expertise, warehousing, accounting, rights selling and so on. Both sides work hard at the relationship and because both sides stand to gain, the more successful the book is.

Although a financial investment, to cover the origination costs, is required from the author, which can be paid in interest-free instalments, no further monies are required. We undertake to print as many copies as the market demands and to keep the book in print for a minimum of ten years or more. All reprints are undertaken at our expense.

There is a misconception that: no self-respecting author should help finance the publication of his or her book, because any work of merit will eventually find a trade publisher. This is simply not true. Surprisingly, many well-known authors, like Jane Austen, Poe, George Bernard Shaw, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edgar Wallace, Kipling and Edward Fitzgerald, have shared the costs of publication. Including, to most people's surprise, Beatrix Potter.

In the world of publishing, the large multinational groups who dominate the market worldwide seldom accept work from new authors. Thus, the service which Janus Publishing Company offer is often the only way that new writers can realistically expect to see their work in print.

There is no cost involved in submitting your manuscript for suitability and approval. Our directors will make a decision on your manuscript a few weeks after submission and if they consider that your book merits publication and it is acceptable for our list, they will write to you with an offer, detailing your proposed financial commitment. Should our terms be acceptable to you, we will then provide a completely personal service, planning and seeing your book through all the various stages of production.

Your signed contract sets the ball rolling. The editor then works to improve the structure or maximise the impact of the manuscript, whilst also correcting grammar and punctuation. Typesetting your manuscript will then be undertaken by our production department, who will also draw up a final schedule of publication. Meanwhile, our designers will prepare the jacket artwork and visuals for your consideration, after which page proofs will be sent to you for final correction. The average time for completing a book is ten months.

Our agents and reps then begin the marketing process, distributing your book amongst many sources. Advance information and press releases are circulated within the book-trade industry, maximising publicity opportunities. Following publication, your book will be listed with Nielsen Bookdata, Bowker, ABE, Amazon and most chain and independent bookshops. Review copies are sent out to the press, as well as any specialist magazines, and your title will be made available for purchase on our website. In addition, details of your book will be made accessible to overseas distributors and agents.

Janus Publishing Company attend from start to finish to all copyright and ISBN registration details and copies are lodged with the British Library, the university libraries of Oxford and Cambridge, the national libraries of Scotland and Wales and the Library of Trinity College, Dublin.

You will receive a royalty of 30 per cent on all sales receipts of your book until your entire subsidy is recouped, and thereafter 20 per cent. In addition, you will receive 50 per cent of all subsidiary rights that we may negotiate on your behalf. Royalties are paid every six months. Contracts may vary according to terms offered.

Any book can be published in this way, for instance, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, plays or special-interest titles, subject to acceptance. Trade publishers will seldom invest in short-run titles with modest profit potential and co-partnerships rely on a spread of successes, investing in design, marketing and distribution to ensure the greatest sales potential.

Please remember that investing in publication is not without risk, even though our core goals are the same. Whilst we aim to work with you to achieve ultimate success for both parties, we feel it is only fair to remind you that you may regain only a part of your investment and so you should consider the financial implications carefully.

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