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A Short Introduction to Clinical Criminology

In this interesting and informative book, the author discusses in great detail the psychology and background into criminal behaviour, whilst trying to understand how the criminal mind operates. He poses questions such as whether delinquency starts in infancy, puberty or adulthood and suggests that criminality is a symptom of an emotional state in which they may perceive their worthlessness and inability to function within their surroundings. But does this 'emotional state' make the individual criminal? We know that crime needs to be curbed, but the cure is often seen in the form of punishment, and isolation, by removing the individual from the home and sending them to prison. For some delinquents these methods work, but for others it only increases the need to reoffend. There are determining factors that lead the individual to offend which need to be taken into consideration but more importantly, it is the individual and their background history that requires thorough assessment to enable the progression of ultimate rehabilitation.
Author: Reginald Washbrook
Publication Date: 1st January 2010
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781857567403
Price: £12.95


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