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Dr Wobbley and the Multi Revolutionary Muddle

Dr Wobbley is an eccentric inventor, a one time aristrocrat, an ex-soldier, a philosopher and benefactor - truly a man of many parts. He lives in the small country of Cludgel, where the military Junta and the ruling General retain only precarious control of the wayward and downright lunatic political factions who are all hungry for power. When Wobbley becomes Military Mayor he is reluctantly drawn into the intrigue that surrounds the General and is rapidly forced to confront the sinister menace that is represented by the arch-villain Ned Wicked; his own step-brother. Soon Wobbley, aided by a motley collection of friends and relations, must overcome a plot of fanatical wickedness, which, if successful, will destroy the peace of Cludgel for ever. In this exciting novel for children, suspense and humour, thrills and fantasy are all intricately linked and all play an important part in the vivid creation of the land of Cludgel and the lovable Dr Wobbley.
Author: Bruce Harrison
Publication Date: 1st January 1995
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781857561876
Price: £6.99


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