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The Adventures of Mickey Drippping

I hope you enjoy meeting Mickey Dripping and his friend Flossie Poppet, who is the original inspiration of the Girl Power movement, I should imagine. This is no namby-pamby girl, but a character with a brain and exciting ideas so she and Mickey manage to save the day.

The inspiration for these short stories was really by accident. I am a father, grandfather and recently a great-grandfather (that makes me sound like an ancient monument but inside I am still twenty-one). Our youngest twin grandsons love a made-up story, so each time we had our precious time together I would make up a Mickey Dripping adventure. They loved Mickey and Flossie and every time we were together they always asked for another adventure. They are my strict critics so if they have given their seal of approval I think it’s only right to introduce these captivating characters to a wider circle of children (and grown-ups) so they can share and enjoy Mickey and Flossie’s adventures. So I hope you enjoy the writings of a so-called Grumpy Grandad. 

Author: Alan Mawson
Publication Date: 13th April 2017
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-867-7
Price: £9.95


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