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The World is Their Stage (Paperback)

Stephanie Manuel was a divorced single mother when in 1988 she conceived the premise for Stagecoach Performing Arts. Always having a passion for the stage and so taking her children to drama and dance classes, she had the idea of weekly sessions for children that would incorporate the three disciplines of acting, dancing and singing, one hour of each, one after the other in one session. Finding the financial support to set it up, she opened her first class in Richmond. The concept mushroomed and soon friends opened more schools and eventually the classes spread all over Britain and even overseas.


The development of the business, which evolved into a franchise operation, was a remarkable achievement by Stephanie and her team, but it was the children and young people who benefitted the most. Even if the classes did not lead to a performing career, which they often did, the students learned poise and self-confidence that they might otherwise have lacked, to carry forward into any walk of life.


Author: Peter Marshall
Publication Date: 19th October 2018
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-85756-887-5
Price: £14.95


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